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Giving your kid a haircut at home can grow to be lots of fun for both you and your child. All the tools described below are discussed and demonstrated in the "How to Cut Kid's Hair Video", the easy way to learn how to give your child a great haircut at home.

Haircut Scissors
How to buy a pair of hair cutting scissors also called barber shears.
The terms are used interchangeable but specifically shears would be more than 6” in length. Hair cutting scissors are an important part of giving a good haircut. Prices for haircut scissors range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars and all points in between. It is normal for a professional hair stylist or barber to spend well over a hundred dollars for a pair of high quality scissors and have them sharpened regularly. The quality of the material and the amount of handwork that goes into making, sharpening and polishing the scissors determines the price. Most home hair cutters will find that a pair of scissors in the 15-25 dollar range will work just fine. As a short rule, when choosing between two comparably priced haircutting scissors, choose the pair that is more polished and shiny, as it is an indicator that the haircutting scissors have been refined an extra step and are of higher quality. If you really take to cutting kids hair and find all the neighborhood boys and girls at your doorstep consider treating yourself to a quality pair of scissors the difference will be noticeable. One of the main benefits of more expensive scissors is that they can be professionally sharpened and like a good kitchen knife, quality tools are a joy to use.

Important Tip - Can’t I just use my sewing scissors or other sharp scissors?
NO! Grab your best pair of sewing scissors and go to a mirror right now and try to cut a few inches from your hair (in an inconspicuous spot of course) and you will see how even your sharpest scissors will make a mess of your hair. The reason is that haircutting scissors are beveled so that they cut down and through the hair where as other scissors will just push the hair forward and munch it in small clumps. (actually this “Emo Haircut” is a bit of a teen haircut rage in 2007, though not with their parents…)

Hair Styling Comb and Brush
Chance are that the comb and brush you already have will work fine to help you cut your childs hair. The brush is useful to remove any tangles from the hair prior to cutting and also to help style the cut at the end. A comb with both a wide and narrow teeth is a must have hair cutting tool. The wide end will allow you to comb the hair without stretching it and the narrow end will act as both a guide and a grip to hold the hair while cutting. A nice big comb will allow you to work faster and give you better results, so if all you have is a little comb go ahead an get a larger one about nine inches in length.

Hair Clips
Hair clips are useful to keep longer hair out of your way and free up both hands while you cut are inexpensive.

Important Tip – Isn’t there a “how to cut your child’s hair yourself video”
YES! Obviously the easiest way to learn anything is to have an expert teach you and that is exactly what the “How to Cut Kids Hair Video” does. It shows you more…

Spray Bottle
You can purchase a short spray bottle almost anywhere. Choose one that is comfortable to hold and not too big. When you fill it with water is sure to use warm water, as you kids will not enjoy being having their hair wetted down with cold water. Make sure that the bottle you choose has a good mist setting. Mist only the section that you are cutting, as kids will not like starting off a haircut by getting sprayed all over. Instead do it as you go. Misting the hair only where you will be cutting. Hold the hair in your hand and mist with the so you can limit the amount of water that gets on your child’s scalp, which can often irritate them. Don’t drench the hair, just damp enough to give you some control. Wet hair is easier to cut, as it tends to stick together and corral the flyaway hairs.

Towel and Cape
Towels that you already own will work fine for cutting boys and girls hair. A preferable shape is one that is narrower and long that will be able to drape across the neck without out being so small as to fall off of too large to be cumbersome. A cape can be purchased at a local beauty supply store or you can substitute a towel, bed sheet or garbage bag with holes cut for the head and arms. Pick whatever works best for you. If you use a sheet, cut a hole for the head in it as trying to knot a bed sheet around your child’s neck will produce a huge knot to get in your way.

That concludes a description of the kid's haircut scissors and other tools you will need to give your boy, girl or teen a great haircut.
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